Taking each day


I seem to begin each blog apologising for my lack in posting lately. I was asked once why I didn’t blog so much these days, is everything okay, am I sure everything is alright? It was great to actually calm any worries that friend had as to the worst possible…

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My mind races sometimes, I think, think, think, and then sometimes wake up at 4am to think a little more. It’s cruel, overwhelming and at times more damaging to my health than the greedy cells in my pelvis. Thus began my journey to calm my mind, body and surroundings. I…

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Day after chemo!


Nowhere else to be on a crappy day like today. Couch, chai tea, crochet and The Vampire Diaries… The day after chemo can be the worst. Your head is fuzzy, no energy (bar the fake burst from the steroids.. but that eventually drops too) and the tummy ain’t the best.. If I can at all I’ll go for a swim later on. It’s the last thing you want to do but it’s so important to do what you can for your body, in sickness or health… What are you doing for your physical health today? All the money, clothes, gadgets in the world will not help if you don’t have your physical health!! Start today.. a thirty minute walk will do perfectly!!!

The Suitcase


I am sorry I have not blogged in a little while. For a while I felt I didn’t have too much to say. Usually I am the silage pit of positivity- feckin endless. I think perhaps things caught up with me there, things I had been running from. Eventually you…

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Getting on with it

This time last year I was full of glee, bursting with relief that could reach the Atlantic Ocean. A gust of wind gave great drying out as I could finally stop holding my breath. The treatment had worked and I was ‘all clear’. Our shoulders become less hunched over, the…

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