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I am a twenty four year old recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I am beginning my gruelling chemotherapy treatment and am determined to find the positives in this life altering experience. During my chemotherapy sessions I can expect hair loss, dry itchy skin, brittle nails, weight fluctuations and many more side effects. Instead of letting it get me down I am taking control! I am determined to continue to feel great and radiate fabulousness, even if my appearance will be different to my norm.

During my treatment I will be testing out different products, trying to find the best chemical free top quality brands. I will be reporting on beauty products, useful tips and lifestyle hints in the hope it can help other young adults who are experiencing the same problems feel good. The road is long so let’s survive with style!

I suppose I should say a little more a bit about myself so you can get a better of idea of who I am. I am from Co. Wicklow, Ireland and am the baby of a large family. I am blessed with having nine sisters and one brother (don’t say poor brother, he has ten slaves). My father died of non- hodgkins lymphoma when I was just two years old leaving my fantastic mother Mary to raise us, along with my brilliant aunty Maura (you could listen to her stories of old Ireland and anecdotes for hours). I attended Annacurra N.S and then continued onto Coláiste Bhríde, Carnew. I had a great time during secondary school, gaining friends that have been there through everything and continue to be so supporting. From there I studied Biomedical Science in Dublin Institute of Technology. The coursework was demanding but I got through it with an honours degree and gained experiences and friends that will continue with me for life. I had the pleasure of completing my final year thesis in Lund, Sweden under the supervision of simply amazing people. I will always consider Sweden as a second home, the people are so welcoming. Once I came home, I suffered the pressures every young adult feels trying to get employment after graduating. After a short while I got a job as a Medical Scientist in the Haematology lab in the AMNCH, Tallaght. For the past year and half I have been thrown into the adult working world (nooooooo). I have been learning so much from really intelligent and skilled colleagues and really enjoying it. The sweet press is also a hit with me, always looking forward to one of the women coming back from holidays as it is an unspoken rule that you bring back goodies.

I am a very active person, Camogie being a massive part of my life. I played with Annacurra Camogie Club for all my youth and joined Kevin’s Camogie Club, Dolphin’s Barn when I moved back up to Dublin. It is a massive passion of mine and enjoy nothing more than getting stuck into training or a match. The social aspect isn’t so bad either with some great nights out with the girls. I also love Zumba and tend to show off my skills on a dancefloor at 2am thinking I am Beyonce. I am really just your average twenty four year old who loves sitting around with friends either eating our way through the presses or just completely slagging each other, you can’t have your feelings hurt easily around us. I love getting dressed up for a night out, reading books, going on awkward POF dates, sleeping as much as possible and spending time with my nephews and nieces (once I get to give them back). Travelling is a passion of mine and am constantly planning trips away.

I could not do all of this without the support of my family and friends. I can’t describe how caring and encouraging they are. They have been there every single step of the way. I am currently looking to buy a bell; it’ll make it easier for all my slaves to hear when I need them.  In all seriousness though this has brought us all together in a way you could never imagine. There are no tears in the Carty household, the laughing and jokes is what will get us through this.














While every caution has been taken to provide my readers with most accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog.




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