The Three Month Lottery

A throw back to the day I was going to get my initial results, never imagined what was to follow.

So it was that time again, except I had the luxury of attending the outpatients suite instead of the oncology ward (a small but significant plus for myself). Not much changes though, except maybe the patients don’t look as sick. Other than that everything was similar; the check in, the…

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PET scan after six brutal rounds of chemo.. I was only wishing there that I would get the all clear.

Oh yes, it is nearing that time once again, Scan time! Over the past few months I have become quite acquainted with the CT/MRI department of St James hospital. It is a love/hate relationship, mostly hate. On scan day you are usually in the hospital for close to two hours.…

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Lindi Skin Cooler Pad

When I was at the Christine Clinton Touch Therapy for Cancer Care (read my experience here), Christine gave me a piece of a Cooler roll to bring home with me and wow, I only wish I had it a few months earlier. The hot flushes from the massive hormonal changes…

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