Christine Clinton Touch Therapy for Cancer Care

When I was diagnosed with cancer the first thing I definitely decided upon was that I was going for a long long back massage only to be told it was highly ill-advised. Seriously? What a bummer. All I wanted was to feel pampered and relaxed for at least one hour during my chemotherapy. During my blogging a lovely woman named Jacqui Boyle got in touch with me. She is a rep for Christine Clinton who is a distributor of Lindi Skin, a US company that has specially developed FDA approved skincare products especially for patients affected by cancer, whether it be from the side- effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. There are a broad range of products, from lip balms, moisturisers, skin cooler pads or eye hydrators you are surely to find something to tackle the irritating side affects you may experience.

One day a couple of weeks ago Jacqui asked me if I would be a model for a holistic course being conducted at the Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School. The course called ‘Touch Therapy for Cancer Care’ is conducted by Christine Clinton. She is an Irish practitioner living in Philadelphia, with a high level of expertise in Therapeutic Massage, Oncology Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Maternity and Infant Massage. Christine is a skin care specialist, educator, and entrepreneur in the spa industry with so many qualifications I would be here all day typing them. Let’s just say she is extremely on top of her game. Using the Lindi Skin products she has developed a range of gentle safe treatments to alleviate the side effects cancer clients may experience. The Christine Clinton Touch Therapy for Cancer Care teaches other therapists the knowledge and expertise necessary to give cancer clients the best possible treatment and is designed specifically to combat the discomforts commonly found e.g. dry irritable skin and to relieve stress and anxiety in the process. Touch Therapy includes a range of safe and effective spa treatments, including facials, massages and body work, which have been modified from standard spa treatments to address the specific needs of cancer clients.

To be honest I had no idea what to expect when I was asked to be a model for the students learning all about Touch Therapy but between Christine’s  gentle and encouraging nature and the obvious eagerness of the ‘students’ to learn, I immediately felt comfortable in the new environment. I felt I could share any information regarding my treatment and knew I was in a safe place. At the end of the day everyone was here to gain a deeper understanding of cancer and the side- effects so I had no problem sharing with them whatever they needed to know. After a quick talk of my history and feeling extremely at ease I was soon up on the treatment table, surrounded by women intent on making me feel pampered and relaxed. Christine taught them how to treat me literally from head to toe. I received a Manuka Honey scalp and face treatment (heaven!), hand, foot and back massage, application of an Aloe Vera cooling pad and a treatment to my 16cm scar on my lower abdomen. All treatments were completed using Lindi Skin products. At each step questions were being fired at Christine who answered them with fantastic composure and knowledge. I knew from the start I was in good hands with all these women. I quickly realised that what Christine was teaching was exactly what this country needs. One in three people will develop cancer in Ireland during their lifetime, with over 30000 diagnosed every year and that number is expected to rise to over 40000 by 2020. So that is 30000 people, whether it is women, men or children that are in dire need of safe massage and spa therapies. Before Christine’s training seminars came along there were very few trained therapists equipped with dealing with cancer clients and the alternative complaints they may have, such as hair loss, lymphoedema, scars, hand- foot syndrome for a start. You can quickly feel isolated upon a cancer diagnosis and to be able to go to a ‘safe zone’ and get pampered by a therapist that has a greater understanding of and compassion towards cancer, the chemotherapy and side- effects of that particular drug and any contra-indications of a particular spa treatment is fantastic. I attended the course in Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School but they run many training seminars across the country. You can find more information about Christine at, also information about the seminars and Lindi Skin products can be found here. They are a small company formed of Christine, Melissa and Jacqui as the rep here in Ireland but they all have massive hopes and determination to bring Lindi Skin and Touch Therapy to as many people as possible. The Lindi Skincare products are also in conjunction with the Marie Keating Foundation and can be found here . You can contact Jacqui on 0868242634 regarding anything related to the Christine Clinton Cancer Care.

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