JĀSÖN Tea Tree Deodorant

This is the first roll- on deodorant I bought on my chemical free journey and I admit I reverted back to Mitchum after a couple of days. I bought it in The Health Store and at €7.65 it is definitely not cheap. The tea tree deodorant underwent an ultimate test; a hospital appointment. Between stressful situations, hot weather and traffic jams the deodorant did not pass my test. I had to constantly apply it to maintain my level of protection where I feel comfortable. I was staying a few feet clear of people for the evening. The search continues and it seems to be a very dear one..Darn!!



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  1. I gave up my Mitchum addiction some years ago and it did take a month or so of mortifying sweatiness before everything settled down to the point that I now hardly need any deodorant unless I’m really warm or really nervous it seems the more anti perspirant we use the more we need as the body continues to work harder and harder to produce sweat as this is one of the ways we detoxify. If you can tolerate it try it again and even just use the Mitchum as back up until you wean off it?

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