Taking each day


I seem to begin each blog apologising for my lack in posting lately. I was asked once why I didn’t blog so much these days, is everything okay, am I sure everything is alright? It was great to actually calm any worries that friend had as to the worst possible…

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What’s another year

sarah pic

At this exact time last year I was coming to terms with the previous twenty four hours. Being told I had a massive cyst on my ovary, being told it would have to be immediately removed, alongside with my ovary. Ill never forget the doctor sitting by my side, holding…

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The Three Month Lottery

A throw back to the day I was going to get my initial results, never imagined what was to follow.

So it was that time again, except I had the luxury of attending the outpatients suite instead of the oncology ward (a small but significant plus for myself). Not much changes though, except maybe the patients don’t look as sick. Other than that everything was similar; the check in, the…

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