It’s only minor

mooma bear

I won’t lie, I can be kind of a mush ball. Add some hormone altering chemicals into the mix and you got yourself a blubbering basket case. I’d like to think that 80% (probably 35%) of the time, the emotions I display are kind, loveable and caring. Queue the laughter…

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PET scan after six brutal rounds of chemo.. I was only wishing there that I would get the all clear.

Oh yes, it is nearing that time once again, Scan time! Over the past few months I have become quite acquainted with the CT/MRI department of St James hospital. It is a love/hate relationship, mostly hate. On scan day you are usually in the hospital for close to two hours.…

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Lindi Skin Cooler Pad

When I was at the Christine Clinton Touch Therapy for Cancer Care (read my experience here), Christine gave me a piece of a Cooler roll to bring home with me and wow, I only wish I had it a few months earlier. The hot flushes from the massive hormonal changes…

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