3D Eyebrow Embroidery

After I put up my blog about losing my dear eyebrows, Susan Fox, a beautician and owner of Eden Beauty Group, Wicklow Town got in touch with me. She is fully qualified and experienced in 3D embroidery and believed it was just the thing I needed. 3D embroidery is a semi- permanent procedure that lasts from 12-18 months. Basically a colour pigment is drawn onto your skin, every single stroke made individually to give that natural looking appearance. The strokes are placed in the epidermis, making it more superficial than normal tattooing. It is perfect for chemo patients, 6 weeks after the last treatment, over plucked eyebrows etc. Anyone who wishes to enhance their existing definition or to create eyebrows from scratch; this is perfect.

I had never heard of 3D embroidery, I suppose because pre cancer I was pretty happy with my eyebrows. As soon as I lost them I was delighted there was another option out there. I popped up to Susan to her beautiful salon to get a patch test before the actual appointment which takes around two hours. I loved the walkway in, a path of stones with a sense of serenity. Susan went through the procedure with me, explaining each step in great detail. From listening to her, it seemed more of an art than anything else. Seems silly but it is a massive responsibility to be in control of someone’s eyebrows. Every strand has to be meticulously placed otherwise you may look constantly scornful with one eyebrow raised. I instantly felt like I was in safe hands, her experience in the area making me feel at ease. She showed me many pictures of other jobs she had done, and they all looked natural, feathered and more than anything, realistic.

The upstairs room where she completed her work of art was warm, comfortable and her personality made it extremely easy to spend two hours in her company. After an anaesthetic application, a few magazines and glass of water later, I was ready for the process. Using an instrument consisting of specialised microblade needles, the pigment was applied to my eyebrow line. With the anaesthetic I could barely feel it. The first few strands were a little uncomfortable but Susan ensured that the anaesthetic fully worked before she proceeded.

Usually there is a lot preparation with this process. There is a lot of technical stuff to decipher before the strands are actually drawn on, like ensuring the shape will be flawless. There is a calculation of sorts to decide this; they should begin so far from the nose, bend at a certain point etc. In the six weeks while I was waiting for this procedure, my eyebrows had grown at an exceptional rate (whohoo), although they were extremely pale, white even. The shape was perfect so we both decided that we shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. So the purpose of the embroidery was to enhance the definition of my shape. I won’t have to waste time everyday colouring in my eyebrows so it was music to my ears.

eden beauty

Eyebrows were growing, but were very light.

The two hours went so quick, as she concentrated on perfecting my eyebrows, we could also have a nice chat about everything and anything. She was extremely hygienic and was sure to show me the tools fresh out of their pack etc. Afterwards she went through the aftercare, what to do, what not to do. Two sessions are needed, next one will be in a month’s time, where I’ll also get my blonde hair bleached a little to enhance it even further. Eyebrows will be on fleek. Oh I hate that saying I promise to never say that again.


eden beauty 1

Eyebrows are now more defined

You can contact Susan at Eden Beauty Group on + 353 (0)404 61295.



So I popped into Eden Beauty, Main Street, Wicklow town to finish off the 3D embroidery treatment. The last few weeks have been fantastic, not having to worry about fixing the eyebrows before going out into the public. It requires two sessions so a month later I got my final session completed. Going to Eden Beauty has been such a positive experience, and Susan is professional as always. I feel like I know her a long time, it is so easy to converse with her. The final session involved a quick touch up and also she was also generous enough to tint my eyelashes and eyebrows (her generosity knew no limits). I am so happy with the results, it just another thing I don’t have to worry about!


+ 353 (0)404 61295.




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