Jane Iredale’ Magic Mitt

The magic mitt, something I never ever thought I would be bothered owning. I am used to roughing it up with a plain old face cloth or cotton pad. I am becoming a woman of luxury being the owner of my very own micro- fiber cleansing cloth. This cloth removes make-up, including mascara and eye-liner without the need for a cleanser. All you have to do is wet the cloth with warm water. The theory is that once water is added, the micro- fibers become capable of penetrating oil films. That means the make-up turns into an emulsion and can be easily removed.

I really love this mitt, it’s truly magic. Purely for the reason that it has made the tedious job of taking make-up off at the end of the day a doddle. I will confess that I am awful at taking my make-up off after a night out and suffer the consequences the next morning. Without fail I always regret it but easily fall back into my bad habits. The Magic Mitt has changed all of this. I never go to bed with an ounce of make-up on now. It’s a miracle!

Although it does say you don’t need cleanser I am a creature of habit and still use one in my routine. I rub the cleanser into my skin with my finger tips and take it off using the wet Magic Mitt. If I have particularly heavy make-up on I complete this twice. Regarding my eye make- up and mascara, a light continuous rub takes it off without fail. At the moment with my delicate eye-lashes I am trying to be as gentle as possible and not be too aggressive. It really removes the need for irritating make-up remover wipes and other products for eye make-up removal.

My skin is feeling really soft at the moment and I really believe this mitt has greatly contributed to this. Having a decent cleansing routine is important and the Magic Mitt makes it easy. Also it seems the micro-fibers do not affect the acid mantle of the skin. The acid mantle is an acidic film secreted by the sebaceous glands and acts as a barrier to harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. My skin definitely feels healthy and not stretched or tight after using it. It costs €17 but is re-washable and will save on buying products. We all love a little Magic!

magic mitt


  1. That’s all lovely but is that a Dublin jersey you are wearing ???

  2. I love this magic mitt, thanks Sarah. I think it is the best beauty buy you can have.

  3. Hello? Trina? What’s the problem with the Dublin Jersey? Don’t forget your heritage… you grandmother was from Dublin ask Moll!!!!! She’ll tell you seed, breed and generation. Go Sarah Go in the Dubs jersey xx

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