Mavala- Double Lash

On my first night in hospital I met a lovely woman called Sue who told me about Mavala Double Lash. She had been using it and managed to keep some eyebrows and eyelashes, enough at least that she could enhance them with make-up. I jumped the gun and immediately went online (as they were hooking up my chemo) and purchased a Eyes and Lashes Rescue Kit for €25 from which included the Double Lash, Eye Make-up Remover Gel and Eye Contour Double Cream (both containing parabens so I won’t be using). Since then I’v seen it in Hickey’s Pharmacy for €10.99. Whatever about loosing your hair, I feel particularly attached to my eyelashes and eyebrows. Being honest I was completely naive and it had never even entered my mind. So when I realized I would be loosing part of what sculpts my face it finally dawned on me that this would be a hard battle to maintain my beauty when I am going to loose literally everything that helps me create my appearance.

I have been applying the Double Lash on every night, even putting a lick on my eye-brows. It does not claim to be chemical- free, organic etc so I am taking it that it is what it is….a product containing chemical ingredients but its my eyelashes and eyebrows we are taking about here. I will do anything to save them. I have been using them for a week now. The hair on my head has started to fall out now but there is no budge on the rest yet. So only time will tell. Start lighting the candles…..

5/10/15- So I have just started the third round of chemo. Would you believe my eyelashes and eyebrows are still intact. Now there are a few strays here or there but I can live with that. The head on my head started to fall out on round one day 14. I never thought I would get to round three with eyelashes/eyebrows still there. I think it’s down to Mavala. The doctor warned me I would loose my eyebrows/eyelashes so I’m really happy/surprise I’m hanging onto them. Going to keep applying it everyday and hope it lasts



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