Facing the stigma of hair loss during chemotherapy.

This is my first ever video so it was very nerve- wrecking to start with but then I started yapping and couldn’t stop. I hope you enjoy it. For many women who are going through chemo-induced hair loss its a massively traumatic time. I just wanted to do something, anything at all to help women who are going through a tough time not feel so alone in this.


  1. Brilliant in every way

  2. I’m laughing and crying and laughing again. Brilliant post.

  3. Your truly amazing sal x

  4. Yep Sarah defanitely rockin the look. What an inspiration you are!! Amazing!

  5. So beautiful!! You should be modelling – I’m sure people are telling you this. Such a lovely, kind and important video too – well done ❤️

  6. Hey very interesting blog!

  7. Inspirational ☺

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