Go loco for da coco…nut

Okay the chemo is on its way up from the pharmacy. This gives me let’s say thirty more minutes of normality before I get sucked into the abyss of nausea and general crappiness. Before I begin I usually try hydrate as much as possible. I use body lotions, hand lotions, foot lotions… enough lotions to keep me going until the cows come home. As this is my first treatment with no hair I want to ensure that my scalp remains smooth and ready for the regrowth of luscious locks. I have been using…. yep you guessed, Coconut Oil, the best thing since sliced bread or so they say. I put a teaspoon in a little container and put it over a bowl of boiling water to melt it. Ensure it’s not too hot- don’t want it scaldy on the baldy! Then I gave it a good rub into the scalp. The scent is so coconuty so just layer it on, lie back and pretend you are on a tropical island smelling a Pina Colada. I bought this great big jar at the Health Store for €16.85 and it will last me ages. No doubt I’ll be blogging a lot about coconut if I am to believe all the things its capable of doing.. All hail the coconut!

coconut oil


  1. Lucia( your fav sister)

    Loco for the coco…nut. ha love it. Can’t wait to see if it works for you! Xx

  2. Ah Sal, you have me in stitches here lol

  3. Sarah you are a really fab writer. Funny and real. Keep it up!

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