Noooo not the eyebrows!

Queue the violins; my eyebrows are on their last tether. In fairness I cannot really complain as both my eyelash and eyebrow hair lasted six assaults of chemotherapy. I knew this day would come so I am ready, prepared to combat this injustice (yes out of everything I find losing my eye browns unjustifiable??). At the moment I still have enough stragglers to make out the shape so I fill it in using only eye shadows I already have in my possession. I use the Jane Iredale ‘Daytime Eye Shadow Kit’, Cappuccino colour for daytime and at night for a more dramatic look I add a little Dark Suede, filling it in using the Jane Iredale Angle Liner/ Brow brush.

brow brush

Angle brush





Jane Iredale

Cappuccino and Dark Suede








It’s a strange feeling as usually I am letting my eyebrows grow out of control and now I am trying to make myself look like I have them. One thing I will say is take your time. Give yourself an extra five minutes to sit down, take it easy and relax while doing this. At first I found it a little frustrating but once I didn’t rush it and took my time I slowly started to become comfortable doing it. Each day I am more and more confident and don’t feel like a complete clown.

The first picture shows the barely visible line I still have. I am lucky that this allows me to follow my shape still and fill in. I look a little crazy in the second picture but just wanted to show the difference between having and not having eyebrows. It just shows how they really shape the face. You don’t how important they are to the final look until you fill them in.

no eyebrows3

The final look. I really like using the Jane Iredale brown eye shadow. It suits me due to my gingery colouring. So far it doesn’t look too unlike my own eye brows. Roll on 2016 and new eye brows!






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