Momma Bear’s Freshly Squeezed O.J

Morning is usually my dodgiest time of the day. The anti- nausea meds have worn off, the steroids make me want to enter an ‘all you can eat’ competition and I am just too darn tired to move to solve any of it. Don’t fear, Momma Bear is here. Without fail every morning she arrives into my room with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. When she first started I was a little skeptical, I thought it would be too heavy on my stomach and make me feel even sicker. Never ever doubt Mary Carty.

The smell of the juice sitting beside my locker seems to waken my senses a little. It smells so refreshing and it actually gets me sitting up in the bed (a victory in the first few days of chemo trust me). It just tastes so good and it makes you feel like you are starting the day on good note. Water in the mornings don’t mix well with my stomach and I find tea too hot at the moment. Squeeze the oranges yourself, you want to avoid unnecessary sugars where possible.

Momma Bears freshly squeezed orange juice

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