Power Green- the jury is out

My diet has always revolved around obtaining as much nutrients as possible in order to fuel my busy exercise filled schedule. During treatment this has not changed, my body needs as much goodness flowing through it as it can get. Second cycle I am finding it increasingly hard to find the motivation to cook nutrient- filled meals every day. Whether it is the treatment or my bread filled diet I am feeling sluggish, lacking that boost I usually get from eating healthy. The possible solution- Power Greens. This 200g bottle contains a mix of greens and ‘superfoods’ such as broccoli, kale, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass and chorella. Being honest I had not heard of some of these before but if their claims are to be believed I will be running up hills in no length. The health benefits attached to these ingredients include increased metabolism, eliminating carcinogens, aiding in digestion, strengthening immune system etc. All this sounds really good to me, but will it actually work?

I have decided to give it a go, even though it tastes and looks disgusting. There is no point in disguising it in soups or foods because it just completely overpowering. So getting this into me has nearly become a military operation. I add a teaspoon to water and knock that back, holding my nose of course. Then immediately I have a second glass of juice ready to gulp. During my times of increased nausea I don’t really know how I will have the will power to take it every day but I will try my best. I bought it at The Health Store for €29.99.


power greens 1


  1. Doesn’t look appealing! So green. I can understand why you have the juice ready to follow

  2. wonder if u added peppermint leaves and ice would that help a bit with the taste? Heard it works with some of those veggie shakes

  3. Your cousin liked that stuff…………I wasnt so sure about it, its healthy but a juice afterwards its probably a good thing ………..
    all the best for you sarah……..

  4. It tastes rank but will give you a boost if you can get it down. I add it to juiced watermelon which disguises the taste (somewhat) and ups the nutrient value. Good luck x

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