Watermelon juice- give the immune system a kick

I am extremely picky during times of nausea and find it hard to eat solid foods. I am an firm believer that what you get out of life depends on what you put in. Normally I love eating healthy nutritious meals full of vegetables and goodness. This is difficult when I am feeling sick, toast being the most nutritious thing I can get into me. I am learning quickly about little ideas to get nutrients into me and am now entering my second cycle with a little more knowledge than the first. It shall be a learning experience all the way.

There is nothing like tucking into a fresh juicy watermelon- except for feeling like a two year old with the mess you make. Watermelon has countless benefits and for me personally I am loving the immune system boosting properties. It also consists of 92% water and keeping hydrated is of great importance in chemotherapy patients. For a really refreshing boost I add ice and as much watermelon as I can fit in the blender, this can be a quarter watermelon if its a smaller one. Sometimes I may add an orange for extra taste and Vitamin C boost. I blend it up, add more ice and a straw to serve. Wholaaa a beautiful refreshing drink to sip on that is full of goodness. Just a pity the vodka cant be added hee-hee.

watermelon juice

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