A typical day of a plant based diet… don’t be hating ya’ll

So I thought I’d start this segment off by giving a general idea of what I eat in a typical day. I chose yesterday. I woke up and said, right I am documenting whatever I eat today to show a true idea of my diet, and not a day where I plan everything to perfection, with my rose shaped avocado’s  and other Pinterest ideas that I’ll never get around to doing.

So I woke up at 8am. Jaysus I hadn’t seen that time of day in quite a while. I had to babysit for a while but was off duty again at 9am. In the meantime I made myself a cup of Matcha Green Tea (see blog here) and a green apple. After I was relieved of my duties I routed through the fridge. Breakfast is always a tricky one because my stomach isn’t ready for food yet and the carb monster inside of me is saying ‘TOAST..TOAST.. covered in lots of real butter’. Instead I opted for porridge made with almond milk covered with half a portion of strawberries and half a portion of blueberries and a drizzle of Manuka Honey. I topped it off with a glass of fresh orange juice that’s squeezed directly on site of my local veg shop. So refreshing and had no added sugar. At that point I had given my body a lot of antioxidants. At the minute I can’t get enough antioxidants, loving the idea that they are travelling around my body scooping up any potentially cell damaging free radicals.








green tea










During mid-morning I had a Pukka Cleanse Tea which contains nettle leaf, dandelion root, fennel seed, peppermint and aloe vera. I ate the remaining portion of blueberries and strawberries from his morning.

I did a shop in the local supermarket and of course I was in a completely different world and bought food that wouldn’t help me throughout the day at all. I got home and decided to make up a quick pot of soup. Soup has been my saviour from when I was sick to my recovery. It can be as bland as you want when you aren’t feeling well or it can be as tasty as possible, but you are always getting your nutrients. Making soup involved me scavenging around the house to see what I could throw in. It ended up being a tomatoey- veggie soup. I threw in a red onion, garlic, cauliflower, half red pepper and half a yellow pepper. Let them soften and then added five tomatoes and a tin of tomato juice with the stock being vegetable of course (It’s crazy you have to look at ingredients list here even, why do they need milk in vegetable stock? Some seem to). Tumeric, Cumin and Chili flakes seriously flavoured it up big time.


I always try to have one meal a day raw and as close to the wholefood as possible. To accompany the bowl of soup I had two multi grain flat breads (I’m not sure how processed these are, ingredients are just seeds and that, sugar is 0.6g. Got them in Aldi.). On top were crushed avocado with red onion and scallion running through, raw broccoli chopped finely, bean sprouts, red pepper, raw red cabbage chopped small and a couple cashew nuts. Seriously yummy and so filling with the soup too. I also had another cup of Matcha Green Tea.



I had another apple to keep me ticking over.

Evening time I tried a new dish. It was called the West African Peanut stew. Was incredibly yummy and so easy. I had garlic, onion, peppers, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweetcorn, red cabbage; literally whatever I could fit in the pan. It was a great first attempt but I maybe put too much peanut butter in so it was a little heavy. I had this with brown rice.

peanut stew

At bed time I had a cup of Camomile Tea to calm the system down.

I have also trained myself to drink a lot of water. It started back when I was on the chemo. I always felt better when I drank lots of water because it flushes the toxins out of my body quicker when they had done their job. Add the hot flushes and the general overheating I always have water at hand. I even drink up to a litre during my sleep now. I am a light sleeper anyway and I always have a litre bottle by my bed.

That was a slack day on my part. They say you should have 5 portions fruit/ veg a day but at the moment I am aiming for nothing less than 10. I want to fill my body with pure goodness. I missed out today on a few key foods I would try to include daily such as Wheatgrass, Chickpeas or another type of bean, lentils and spinach. It is very easy to make lovely tasty meals, even when you are looking in presses you never looking in before to try find any food. If I was not thinking about nutrition the old me would have had toast for breakfast, probably a white bread sandwich with some kind of processed s**t in it and a jar of more processed sauce with white rice for dinner. If I missed out of fruit during the day I would shrug my shoulders, say tomorrow will be different and repeat the cycle again. Not anymore!  This blog entry was just to show you it is 100% possible. Get creative!



  1. Awesome and inspirational! You make it look very doable and very yummy. The curry sounds fab

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