Nailtiques Formula 2

In my oblivious pre-cancerous life when I thought of chemotherapy I thought about hair loss and feeling sick. If only that was it. Unfortunately your body plots against you to create any havoc possible. Not to seem gloomy though, it gives you a chance to try different products you would never think of trying and become a little adventurous with your natural products from the kitchen press.

Brittle nails are something that affected me during my chemotherapy. Especially if I put nail varnish on I would really see a weakness in my nails afterwards. I definitely needed something quick and to the point that would solve my problem. If I watched another episode of ‘Making a Murderer’ I would have had no nails left with all the anticipation induced nail biting.

Nailtiques Formula 2 was the answer. Formula 2 is a treatment for soft, peeling and brittle nails. It includes proteins and other magical ingredients that result in an immediate marked improvement on the strength of the nail bed, reducing chipping and breaking of the nail. It is clear in appearance and can be applied on its own or you can throw on a nail varnish on top without hassle.

I found it fantastic. Once I applied a layer on my nails it would just provide that strength I needed, No cracking or chipping. It is not exactly chemical free. It rates a 3 on the EWG database. Not the worst (10 being the highest risk) but as a personal ruling I only apply a rating of 2 and under. The chemicals that increase its rating are Tosylamide, Benzophenone-1 and Dimethicone. So I only apply this if I feel I have no other way but I have to admit I see an immediate improvement once I put it on. It costs €20 but like every nail polish you buy it and it seems to last forever so it’s worth it.

I have started applying coconut oil each day which I have heard is good so time will tell.

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  1. That’s interesting that Nailtiques only rates a 3. I know it’s not ideal but much better than I would have guessed. I definitely works. I have it here for three years and got it in based on a testimony from a client who raved about it. It does the job and people love the results.

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