Neal’s Yard Remedies Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Cream

It is always so important to keep moisturised by for people undergoing chemo it is even more important, a huge side effect being dryness at any chance its given. Your hands are so busy; either in water preparing dinner, in the garden, holding a hurl, typing on a keyboard all day. We spend time and money making sure our nails are painted but in reality how many of us take the time to make sure they are receiving the moisture it loses from day to day activities. Well count me as one of those people before all this went down, the idea of moisturising my hands not even entering my head. As usual I told myself I would start all that crap when I was older, feeling too young to have to worry about things like that. It was only when I was reading the four page list of side effects from my first chemo that I learned of the dry skin, thinking the hair loss and sickness were the only things to change… ha naïve Sarah. So I immediately began my escapades of finding the perfect chemical free moisturisers. I personally feel it is extra important to have a chemical free hand moisturiser as 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Now think of how many times your hands touches other body parts, goes into your mouth, picks up your child; it is probably me being too strict but I want any residual moisturiser that could possible transfer elsewhere to be full of natural goodness and not a chemical I can’t pronounce. That’s where I found Neal’s Yard Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Cream perfect for the job at hand (ha).

Consisting of mostly essential oils and natural extracts you know immediately you are putting a quality product on your skin. My nose has come accustomed to know the difference between a product made of natural ingredients and those laden with the artificial scent of chemicals. The moment you rub this cream on your hands the zesty scent of bergamot, a zesty odor, pieces with nostrils, followed by the easy aroma of mint. You know your hands are in for a treat when the 92% organic product adds moisture to your skin. Not only does it feel instantly smoothing and refreshing but the hydration it provides allows the cells to repair themselves quicker and provide a faster cell turnover rate, keeping your hands soft and fresh. Containing no synthetic fragrances or colours, mineral oils, silicones, GM, EDTA or parabens I feel safe in knowing what I am putting on isn’t going to harm my body in any way. I can’t stop putting it on, even though you don’t have to apply much; a little goes a long way. I am just addicted to the aromatherapy. I always have it in my bag, ready to apply the moment I get a notion. At €14 it’s so affordable for such a quality product.

I receive my Neal’s Yard Remedies products from the local NYR consultant Trish, who can be contacted on 0857239212 for any queries regarding NYR products.


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