Orly’s ‘Golden Chrome Foil’ Nail Varnish

I bought this nail varnish in Boot’s after jumping on the ‘3 free’ bandwagon. It put me back €12.95 which is a little expensive if you are like me and want every colour under the sun. I am in love with gold at the moment so of course I naturally picked the ‘Golden Chrome Foil’ shade.

I will confess I am not great at putting on nail varnish; I have neither the patience nor the stealth so maybe I am not the best critic. I found this nail varnish standard enough but nothing amazing. It has quite a heavy texture and is very gloopy. I found it would go on quite thick on some parts and really thin on others. You definitely need two coats to get an even appearance. It takes the standard amount of time to dry. It only lasted a day without chipping but I have yet to find a nail varnish that lasts so I can’t really judge.

Regarding the colour I am not crazy about it, although my sister absolutely loves it. It has a glittery appearance to it making it a very light golden colour. Personally I love a deeper colour on my nails due to my pale hands. I found this gold got a little lost in my pasty complexion and didn’t stand out enough for me. Don’t get me started on the effort it took to take it off, Holy Mary Mother Of Christ it was next to impossible. It easily took me ten minutes and my nails and cuticles were really sore afterwards. The glitter in it made it really gritty and I had to use so many cotton pads drowned in nail varnish remover. Effort is something I don’t do well this weather so I won’t be rushing to put this on again when I know what’s involved.

It is great that it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or toluene but I think there are definitely cheaper brands out there. It’ll be interesting to see how each brand stands up to the mark when they don’t contain these chemicals that allow for the smooth effortless application that tradition varnishes provide.orly golden chrome

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